API Integration

An API (Application Programming Interfaces) is a way for computer programs to communicate with each other. An API shares data between them to enhance and improve efficiency between both software pieces.

A popular advantage to this is removing the need to duplicate data and allowing real-time updates across multiple systems

api integration
What is API Integration used for?

A few great examples of API Integration include the use in automated business processes. E-commerce sites for instance mostly include some sort of integration. Web stores need to have management systems that automate the shopping and shipping processes. To process this, the API needs to access servers that include customers, inventory levels and products.

When a customer actually checks out and purchases the product, they don’t see what goes on in the background. But there is actually transfers of data between their bank, checking the verification of card information.

Duplication of Data Entry

Do you find yourselves collecting data from one source – maybe your website – then having to manually retype the same information into your CRM or booking system? Resulting in wasted time, a delay in inputting updates and frequent data errors?

Imagine a scenario where as soon as the data is entered once it’s instantly available across the other software you use and is 100% accurate!  This is what API integration can bring to your business.

Over the last two years, we’ve worked with numerous APIs from multiple software vendors, adding required functionality to both websites and software systems alike.  This type of API integration has helped save many staff hours and improved data accuracy in the process.

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