Project Management and CRM Software

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Integrated project management and CRM software for digital agencies Problem defined As a busy agency, we use multiple pieces of software to run our business on a daily basis. Often from [...]

PDF Quote Generation Software

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PDF quote generation software As business owners we often spend a long time writing quotations and project estimates, which everyone will agree is a time consuming and monotonous task.  At the [...]

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Will My Site Be Hacked?

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Will My Site Be Hacked? In a word, yes. It's not a question of if it will be hacked, it's when. People assume that their website is safe because they are only a small [...]

Autotrader Integrated Website

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Car trading websites We have recently converted a car trader website from Autotrader to a website version using our own CMS software.  No big deal it may seem, however we thought it was worth [...]

How To Become GDPR Compliant

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How To Become GDPR Compliant What Is The GDPR? GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation and is a new EU regulation designed to increase data protection for EU citizens.  It’s purpose is [...]

How A Website Can Affect Your Business

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Will your digital footprint effect how people react to you? As people, we like nice looking things, we can’t help it, it’s only human to associate attractive things with other positive attributes. Whether this [...]

How To Secure Your WordPress Website

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How Secure is your WordPress website? WordPress websites are only as secure as you make them.  Many common security flaws that people make such as the same passwords for everything, or unsecure passwords being [...]

Twitter Introduces Polling Feature

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Twitter Introduces Polling Feature Twitter has introduced a new feature to a certain amount of verified users (including Interact-IT) that allows polls to be created within the mobile app and on desktop (However we [...]

Is My Website Being Found On Google

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Can Google See My Site? When a site is built, there is often a lot of anticipation and worry when the website isn’t instantly appearing in search results on search engines such as Google. [...]

Do I Need A CMS Website?

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Do I need a CMS Website? There are many things to consider when you are thinking of having a website designed or redesigned and on this page we will try to address some of the [...]