How To Get Google Friendly

How To Get Google Friendly image.

How to make your website Google-friendly

Almost since its inception, Google has been the leader of search engines across most of the western world, with a market share of 85%. For mobile search, Google holds a 95% market share. Using Internet Live Stats, you can also see how many searches are done on Google in just one second. Last time we checked, it was over 60,000 searches!

To succeed with your business online, Google simply cannot be ignored!

Checking and ensuring that your website doesn’t fall foul of Google should be right near the top of your marketing check list and thankfully, there are a few quick and easy things that you can do to ensure that your site is Google friendly.

Original, Unique Content

When discussing SEO and how to stay on top, the advice is still and will be for the foreseeable future is that “content is King”. This means that unique, interesting posts that give the readers what they are looking for will help you stay on top. Google focuses their efforts on providing users with the information that mostly matches what they are looking for. You should do the same!

Website Links

Links to your website work as a recommendation would. Google can see that another website has endorsed you by linking to your site, meaning that your reputation as an authority in the field will receive a vote of confidence and Google can send more people your way by placing you higher in the search listings. The best way to get links to your website touches on the last point – writing unique content that people will want to share and connect to. The more authority that the linking website has – BBC for example, the better the recommendation. On the other hand building links manually, or employing someone to get links can lead to being deindexed from Google due to the point made underneath!

Link building can be a dangerous route to go down with many unscrupulous companies offering hundreds or thousands of links to your website for a little bit of cash. This will work in the short term, but Google is clever, and can recognise links that are not ‘natural’ and can then punish your website by removing you from Google all together!

Remember quality over quantity and a thousand links for a fiver (on fivver) is not worth it in the long run.

Good Navigation Makes Your Site Easy To Access

Make sure Google can access and crawl your website. Build your site with a logical, visitor-friendly structure that is easy to navigate. Complex navigation can make it difficult for Google to crawl your site. If you’re not super tech-savvy the easiest solution is to get someone else to have a look for you!

Make sure your website is mobile friendly

Mobile compatibility is a ranking factor for Google now, so it is imperative that your website is useable across all screen sizes and devices. This means easy navigation, clear to read text, and buttons that are big enough to not be catching others. When your website is not mobile compatible there will be a message on the search results page displaying to people that this is the case and this can put people off visiting your site (if your organic listing is still high enough in the rankings to be found)

What To Avoid:

  • Don’t purchase an SEO service from “experts” that claim they can make your website #1. They’ll make it rank #1 for a search term that doesn’t generate any worthwhile traffic.  Worse still, some will try to use deceptive techniques that can get your website banned or severely penalised. No decent SEO company solicits new clients via spam emails!
  • Don’t fill up pages with keywords, hidden text or pages or any content that is intended for Google’s crawlers only. It will have a negative effect on your rankings.
  • Don’t use images to display important content or links. Crawlers cannot read text contained in graphics so try to keep the main content as text. If you have to, make sure you have added suitable ALT tags to the images
  • Don’t create duplicate content accessible with different URLs unless you’ve followed Google guidelines to deal with this occurrence.

Making sure your website appears in Google is an essential step if you want your potential customers to find you online! If you don’t know what you should do or simply don’t have the time to update your website yourself, why not let us do the hard work? We can help with all areas of SEO and marketing to get your site performing better and can help make your website more Google-friendly! Just get in touch!