How To Create A Blog Using WordPress

How To Create A Blog Using WordPress image.

Create A Blog Using WordPress

Blogging With WordPress

WordPress was initially designed with blogging in mind, and therefore setting up a blog is very straightforward.

If you are creating a website with the purpose of hosting blog posts, then you just need to visit Posts>Add new. This will create the blog post and add it to your home page. The default set up of WordPress displays latest blog posts directly on the home page in date order. This means that the latest blog items that you post will feature at the top of the page.

You may want to have a more traditional home page for your website, and place your blog posts on a separate page on the website. In that case all you need to do is to create a page in Page>Add new and title it whatever you want your blog page to be called. ‘Blog’ is a popular option…

Once this page has been created, go to Settings>Reading and set your front page to be the page that you would like as your home page, then select the page that you want to your blogs to be on in the ‘posts’ section as shown underneath.

Once this is done, every time that you publish a new post, the post will be visible on the blog page that you have selected.

Different Categories On Pages

Sometimes there will be the need to have different pages that show different post categories.  This could be a blogging site that wants different pages for different categories, or a company that wants to have different blogs for news items and awards etc.

This can be done by adding a blog category to the menu bar.  This option isn’t always visible by default, so underneath I will show you how to add this functionality.

First of all, go to Appearance>Menus, on the left hand side are the different features that you are allowed to use as menu items.  If you cannot see post categories, or categories, then look to the top right of the screen.  Where it says 'Screen options', select the drop down and you will see further options that may be unticked.  Once the Post Cetory option is ticked, it will appear on the left hand side menu options and make the categories available to select in your menu.

Now that the category option has been added, you can select the categories that you want displaying in your menu bar, and add them to the menu.  Drag and drop to rearrange where the categories appear on the menu and your done! Follow the link for our How to create & edit a menu bar.