How To Embed Video & Music On Your Page

How To Embed Video & Music On Your Page image.

Rich Media Embedding

Adding rich media such as video or music can dramatically increase the share-ability and amount of engagement your post receives.  However, many hosting platforms (especially shared hosting) will frown about the bandwidth usage from a video that is hosted directly on a website, as many views of the video will use up your quota in rapid time, potentially leading to your website being suspended.

You Tube Video Embed

Facilities such as You Tube are great websites to use to host your videos free of charge. All you need to upload to You Tube is a You Tube account! Once your video is uploaded, you need to generate an embed code, which is really easy to do and will be explained in the next few screenshots.

On the video you would like to embed in the website, click on ‘Share’ underneath the video, where you will then see an ’embed’ option.

Click on the embed option, and the code will appear starting with: <iframe width=”

If you would like to customise the video a little more, you can choose the ‘Show More’ option and adjust the size of the video.


Once the video is as you want it, simply copy the embed code and paste it into the web page using the ‘Text’ view that is available in the top right of the edit page.

Sound Cloud Music Embed

Embedding sound from Sound cloud is very similar to YouTube only with less customisation options. Underneath the sound clip are some buttons which perfrom actions such as liking the song, sharing the song, or adding to a playlist. The option that we want is to share the song.

Clicking the share button, will open up a page that then allows us to ’embed’ the song on a web page simply by copying and pasting a code that is generated.