Installing Themes And Plugins On Your WordPress Website

Installing Themes And Plugins On Your WordPress Website image.

Installing Themes And Plugins On Your WordPress Website

WordPress Themes

WordPress comes with great functionality that allows you to alter the appearance of your website in seconds with only minimal tweaking needed.  There are many free themes that you are able to download and install straight from the WordPress interface.  Simply click the theme that you want and activate.

There are other themes that are ‘premium’ themes, that can be found across the various theme selling websites such as Themeforest that you have to purchase to download.  These themes do offer much more functionality than the free themes, as many of the free themes are ‘lite’ versions of a premium theme, with many features not available in the free version.

To upload a theme that you have bought from a 3rd party website, you go to Appearance>themes>Add new>Upload theme.  You can see this option in the image above as a button next to the ‘Add Themes’ title.

From this screen you need to upload the .zip file of the theme you have downloaded.  This can be confusing, as the file that you downloaded will be a zip file, but you need to open this .zip file up and find the theme .zip file to upload.  There may also be a child theme .zip file, but that should be clearly indicated.

Once you have uploaded the file successfully, simply activate the theme, assign a menu and your away!

Installing a Plugin

Installing a plugin, is near identical to installing a theme.  To install a free plugin, from the plugin library, go to: Plugins>Add New and search for the plugin that you want.

Installing a premium plugin also works the same way as installing a premium theme.  You go to Plugins>Add New>Upload Plugin. Browse through your computer to find the downloaded plugin file, upload and activate.