Introducing Our New Chat Bot

Introducing Our New Chat Bot image.

Introducing the 24/7 Sales Rep Chat Bot

Interact-IT have recently developed an automated sales guide for websites in the guise of a Chat-Bot. A Chat-Bot is a program that runs on your website that is designed to help people find the products on your website in an easy, fast & fun way by intuively answering guided questions for website visitors.

How much help would a sales person who works 24/7 for free be to your business? That is the essence of the Chat-Bot. When people need guidance to find the products or pages they are looking for on your site, the Chat-Bot can help them discover the correct content.

Artificial Intelligence Working For You

The Chat-Bot uses artificial intelligence to intuitivley show the correct answers to users questions. this measn that is a website visitor asks a question that the Chat-Bot hasn't been configured to answer, it will still be able to guess the users intention.

The Chat-Bot also collects the phrases and questions it has been asked, allowing the development of the Chat-Bot by adding these questions and common to the core functionality meaning that Chat-Bot will be able to 'learn' as it gains more experience.

Specifically Designed For You

The Chat-Bot has been specifically designed to meet the customers exact specifications and requirements. Since the Chat-Bot is customisable you can rest assured that you will recieve the best Chat-Bot for your specific purpose.

The Chat-Bot In Use

The Chat-Bot has been designed for a client that wanted to give potential customers the ability to identify exactly what product they would like. The Chat-Bot also sends the sales representitives a log of the converstion the potential customer had, allowing them to cut out the middle man and get straight to what the customer wants.