Are You Being Ripped Off With A Monthly Contract

Are You Being Ripped Off With A Monthly Contract image.

Are You Being Ripped Off On A Monthly SEO Contract?

This blog post is linked to some of the other posts that I have wrote about how to audit your own website to check on the SEO.  Many SEO companies prey on the fact that SEO is still a grey area for many people involving voodoo and some kind of internet magic passed down from a website shaman!

I have spoke to a few people recently having issues with some of the big national website providers (who also create a coloured phone book…) that are paying a lot of money per month but have no idea on what. The best description is “to get to the top of Google” but with no further information or statistics to see if this is being done.  Getting to the top of Google is a bit vague, there is a ‘top of Google’ for every different variation of words that are entered in to the search box.  The trick is to get a website competitively to the top results in google for search terms that are relevant to your business.

If you are paying a monthly fee for your website in regards to SEO and you don’t have any kind of monthly report to let you know what has been done and how this should effect your online presence, then how do you know if anything has been done at all?  When we are looking at these websites the terms that we are told they are ‘top of Google’ for bear no relevance to the SEO that has been taken on the website.

Areas To Look For On Your Website

Here are some of the most important areas that you should check on your website to see if the basic SEO has been performed:

  • Title Tag – On your website, right click and look at the ‘page source’.  At the top of this confusing page of code should be a tag that looks like <title> the words after this are the most important part of the SEO on that page. If this doesn’t include your most important search phrase, or includes ‘home’ then it hasn’t been changed.
  • h1 tag – Again in the page source area, do a search (cmd/ctrl + f) for ” <h1 ” and see what is there.  Each page should have just one h1 tag and again should have the important search phrases in there.  If there is no h1 tag, or multiple h1 tags then it may be that the SEO on the site hasn’t been done, or isn’t being done properly.
  • Alt tags – Hover your mouse over an image and see if any text appears.  If so this is the ‘alt text’ and is an area of SEO that should be administered.  Alt text is a snippet of text that describes an image and can be read by search engines.  Again, if no text appears, or the text that appears has no relevance to either the image or the website purpose it can mean that the SEO if not being done properly.