Website SEO And Maintenance

Website SEO And Maintenance image.

Continuous SEO Improvements

“SEO” is an ever evolving way of trying to improve your online marketing statistics – more visitors to your website, higher conversion rate meaning ultimately more profit!

SEO as a term “search engine optimisation” is almost defunct nowadays, as it is not a simple matter of making your website the best for search engines, but making the best website possible for the visitors. Google determines the relevancy of websites for its users. The more relevant the search results the better the job that Google does.

There are many ways of optimising your website through Google for your visitors but this requires time and effort.

It is not just in search engines where you need to work to get the most out of online marketing. Social media, done correctly, can have a huge impact on your visitor numbers, but this too requires time and effort.

You may not have the required time needed to make the regular updates and SEO work that is required to constantly improve the positioning and marketing of your website, and that is where Interact IT come in.

We have the time and the tools to schedule social media updates and perform SEO improvements to your site on a ongoing basis, providing Google with the ‘fresh’ information that it craves! We regularly post updates on Social media channels to help promote the different services that our clients provide and help to drive visitors to the website, along with suggesting new content based on analytics monitoring to help you perform better in search results for the keywords that people are using.

Website Maintenance

Many websites these days are built in WordPress, Joomla, or one of the many other CMS systems that are available. These are great systems to be able to update and mange due to the intuitive admin system, however, these systems need updating on a regular basis to keep up to date with the latest security features, and to fix any ‘bugs’ in the coding.

When these updates are not done, there are many issues that can occur, the most common is website hacking! When a website is hacked many hosting companies will simply delete the files on the website to protect the server. If this happens, and you don’t have any backups, then you need a new website!

Interact-IT helps clients keep their website updated and fixes any problems that can arise on the different platforms, keeping your website, safe, secure and up to date.

Maintenance & SEO Work We Perform

Every month we perform updates to our clients online marketing efforts, these include:

  • Site backups and updates.
  • Fixes to websites and html (website coding).
  • Image optimising.
  • Social media updates.
  • Adding content to websites.
  • Creating or optimising Google Adwords accounts.
  • Analytics and Search console analysis and monitoring, with client reporting.

At the end of each calendar month we provide a detailed written report about your website and how it is performing, detailing the work that has taken place on the site, and the planned work in the coming months.  All of this can be reviewed and different areas can be concentrated on at your request.