Custom Software Booking Systems

Most software systems you use have standard fields that you can’t change, even if you really don’t care about them. If you work with students, then it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to collect a work phone number. If you work with clients in your office, then maybe you don’t care to collect their home address.

Validated forms

We create booking systems that collect the data you’re interested in, validate it and store it for retrieval. Giving clean data that can be used for further processing, should it be required.

Checks can be made on data format, telephone number sequence, NI numbers, postcodes, values ranges or ethnic groups etc. etc.

Different forms for different user groups

In some scenarios, you might want to show different fields or a completely different form to different user groups. For example, a supervisor might see an extended field list over a junior admin user or see a completely different form for the same task.

Online payments

If you take payments for your bookings, these can be integrated into your application to ensure all bookings are paid for at the time of booking.

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