PDF Brochure & Quotation Generation Software

As business owners we often spend a long time writing quotations and project estimates, which everyone will agree is a time consuming and monotonous task.

Making them look attractive and adding more effort to the quotation writing process can become more of an investment of our valuable time.

Document Brochure Scanning
Custom Application Producing PDF’s

We can create a custom application with a front-end form, where unique details of each quote or brochure are entered and stored for later retrieval. After all the data has been entered a new brochure is automatically generated and downloaded to your desktop, from where it can be emailed to a client. Alternatively, it can be emailed directly from the application with a read receipt embedded so you know when it’s been seen.

Possible Application Features
  • Automatic production of PDF documents from a predefined template
  • Ability to take data from a web form or any other source
  • Designs that match your company branding guidelines
  • Embedding of links within the PDF to external web pages and resources
  • Documents can be automatically emailed to clients with inclusive read receipts
  • Landscape or portrait designs
Client Projects

If your business spends too much time creating visually attractive PDF documents, have you thought about automating this process?

Our software team can create a solution for you that can take data from a form, spreadsheet or an external API and produce a visually stunning PDF document.
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