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“Interact IT don’t take pre-built applications and force them to fit your business. We design and build based on your unique requirements. No matter how adventurous, ambitious or mind-boggling your web app or application idea, we have the people, passion and skills in house to make them a reality.”

App Development Agency

What is an app?

We’re frequently approached by businesses asking ‘can you make me an app?’… to which we reply ‘yes we can, but is it an app or an application that you want?’. Silence then ensures as they think about it and finally admit they don’t know the difference between the two. The difference can contribute massively to how its used and the overall project costs.

Difference between an app and an application

In short, an app runs on your mobile phone and had access to your phones peripheral devices, camera, GPS, NFC reader, calendar etc. and can operate when there is no Internet access to your phone. An application, on the other hand, runs from a server in the cloud and is accessed by a web browser. Meaning that when your data connection drops you lose access to the application.

Custom commercial apps

Contrary to popular belief, not all apps are made to appear in the App Store or Play Store. An app can be made for your business that is only seen by yourself and the devices (phones) you chose to install it on. This would be branded as per your corporate guidelines, use data that you don’t want to share with anyone outside your business and possibly link in with your existing software (something we can do through an API).

The different kind of apps

  • Time and task tracking
  • CRM data entry when away from the office
  • Take photos within a data entry process
  • Point of presence recording
  • Reading NfC and QR code data

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