We can design and build scalable E-Learning web and mobile software to provide an enhanced learning experience for students and employees. Whatever platform you wish to use we can provide custom educational applications and help your company implement a custom LMS solution.

Taking your training online provides many benefits, most notably the ability to learn anywhere, provide instant validation and grading and keep detailed records of when training was completed, and the dates learners are due to take a refresher session.

Custom Course Certificates

Our software solutions can produce high-quality PDF certificates which can be downloaded for printing or saved for future reference. These can be branded to match your style guidelines and give credibility to the sessions you run.

White Labelling of your E-Learning Software

A common requirement from our clients is to white label the learning user interface and certificates, to match the branding of their own clients. This can be easily achieved and allows you, as the training provider, to offer custom solutions to your own clients.

This customisation includes logos, colours and/or course titles in your training material, providing an extra level of service your existing e-learning software might not cover.

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