PHP Development Agency

Do you have an existing web development project that needs completing, looking for a replacement agency or team with a more advanced skill set to write something special? We can help you out!

Our PHP development team have been writing web applications since 1995, during which time we’ve successfully launched projects for a wide range of customers in different market sectors and different requirements.

If we haven’t worked in your exact business sector before, we’re confident we’ll have created something similar.

The benefits of a custom PHP application

Unlike off-the-shelf software, custom software can be adapted to your exact business process requirements. You won’t find yourself having to adapt the way you work to suit the software or find you can’t record every piece of data you use within it.

Furthermore, as your requirements change over time, so can your software.

Some of the primary benefits of custom PHP applications are:

  • The software you use will work as you do
  • More than one member of staff can use it at once
  • It will work from most devices across multiple locations simultaneously
  • There are no annual per-user license fees – you own the software
  • Any data updates can be logged to create a comprehensive audit trail for accountability
  • Your software can integrate with 3rd party systems via an API to add advanced functionality
Expert CodeIgniter PHP developers

We can write code in a range of PHP styles and frameworks, but specialise in using Codeigniter. Not only does this framework offer reduced development times (and subsequent lower project costs and delivery times), but its small footprint makes for programs that run faster. So a win-win combination.

Of course, the software is only as good as the developer. With over 10 years of experience with this particular framework, we’re confident to say we’re experts in its use.

Arrange a meeting and find out what we can offer

We’d love to have a chat about your business and project. Please call us on 01257 429217 to find out how we can help. We talk in plain English, not binary or geek!