Interact IT Expand Into Artificial Intelligence

Expanding into AI After a successful trading year, Interact IT are expanding their team and services with the recruitment of Matthew Wakeman, who will join the Chorley based digital marketing agency as their first Artificial Intelligence developer. The business has grown from being just a digital marketing agency to include custom software and app development to their ever-growing list of web design, PPC and SEO services. It’s been a long time coming, but with more data being produced and [...]

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Highly Experienced PHP Development Agency in Chorley, Lancashire

PHP Development Agency Do you have an existing web development project that needs completing, looking for a replacement agency or team with a more advanced skill set to write something special? We can help you out! Our PHP development team have been writing web applications since 1995, during which time we’ve successfully launched projects for a wide range of customers in different market sectors and different requirements. If we haven’t worked in your exact business sector before, we’re confident [...]

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Project Management and CRM Software

Integrated project management and CRM software for digital agencies Problem defined As a busy agency, we use multiple pieces of software to run our business on a daily basis. Often from different vendors, a combination of online and application-based and with different licensing limitations. What we needed was an integrated solution that we could use to run our entire operation, from initial enquiry through to quotation and implementation. As nothing could be found that did what [...]

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PDF Quote Generation Software

PDF quote generation software As business owners we often spend a long time writing quotations and project estimates, which everyone will agree is a time consuming and monotonous task.  At the beginning of our business journey, we often sent out quotes as quick emails including vague project description cobbled together in as short a time as possible.  As our business matured we understood the need to produce a document that reflected our skills and talents as [...]

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E-Commerce Solutions Working With Data Storage

Interact IT build E-Commerce sites that eliminate hassle with data storage companies Your online store is your best chance to prove your brand value to your customers. To achieve this, you need to give customers an efficient working interface that encourage them to buy from you, rather than your competitors. Here's an example of how we helped one of our clients do this. Worldwide car part exports Mobiletron deals in components for the automotive industry, exporting to over 100 [...]

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ROI Tracking Techniques

Techniques For Tracking Return On Investment When beginning to design a tracking system for your ROI you should be taking into account a number of aspects. Specifically the level of accuracy you will require, the volume of traffic you are expecting to be receiving and finally the overall budget for your project. We have listed the different types of tracking available along with an evaluation of each types pros and cons. Javascript ROI tracking solutions Embedding specifically written javascript [...]

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