Contactless Data Entry With NFC

We’ve built a custom software app using NFC stickers or QR codes that can, among other uses, help keep track of your high-value equipment. In fact, anywhere where you need to access or record information without having to enter something into a form or website address field can be replicated using these contactless technologies.

QR Code App

Keeping track of your high-value assets can be a difficult task. Do you find yourself constantly asking who last had a piece of kit, which job it was used on or when it’s due a service?

nfc and qr codes
Example Uses of NFC & QR Codes
  • Playing a video/animation
  • Playing an audio commentary (for a visitor guide)
  • Showing additional information, text and images
  • Recording the geographic location and time of scan • Send data to a CRM
  • Point of presence confirmation for security guards
  • Show maintenance records for kit
  • Show a user/installation guide

Both of the NFC & QR code solutions we have are easy to understand by the end-user.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, which is a short wireless technology, normally used for phones and contactless cards. NFC can be used on Apple and Android devices for sharing data and transferring files wirelessly.

A QR (Quick Response) code works very similarly to a barcode; except instead of for shopping items, they can be used for automatically adding contacts, and linking web pages, PDFs and apps. These can be scanned with your phone and are randomly generated for different purposes.

NFC and QR Technologies

We’re comfortable using a number of technologies and have a wide range of experience across the internet related field within our company, but we mainly use PHP, MySQL, Apache and Linux (collectively known as LAMP).

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