How can an AI chatbot improve your business?

AI chatbots to support your customers 24/7

An AI chatbot can decrease customer support cost by up to 30% and speed up response times of commonly asked questions by 80%.

Traditional customer support comes in the form of using a real sales assistant answering queries whether it be over the phone, or through a messaging service. When a customer has a big issue, this is where agents work the best however, when the customer has a smaller, less important question such as ‘where is the information page?’, this is where customer service agents lose time answering more difficult questions that require more time.

Customer service firms can also only operate between certain hours, this means customer can’t receive an answer to their question until the customer service agents begin work the next day, for a simple question this could make a potential customer leave for another business. Customers who speak a different language will need an agent who can speak that language, which can add up in customer service costs.

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How does a chat bot solve this problem?

Our chatbot software can run 24/7 on your website, removing the need for customers waiting on their answer and increasing the chance of retaining the customer.

When the chatbot is first implemented on your website, it can only answer simple questions however, over time the chatbot can learn from previous customer interactions and begin to answer more complex questions.

The chatbots that we create will have language detection inbuilt, so we know which language your customer is speaking and can assist them in their native language.

Our AI chatbot can be built around a personality that more closely resembles your businesses culture and make the bot feel more like a part of your company.

Our Solution

Our development team will analyse your website and decide the best method to implement a chatbot. We can then process your frequently asked questions and create the bot with these questions as a base. From then your customers will have a useable bot that will gain more knowledge over time.

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