Our client, GTM, faced challenges tracking fire sprinkler projects. They had previously used a spreadsheet to manage the project’s information. However, this was time-consuming, leaving no trace of who made the changes and when. They desired a specially designed CRM system to help them track their projects. This would give them information on project budgets, expenses, and profitability.


The customer wanted a system to keep track of fire sprinkler project details. They had previously used a spreadsheet, which was time-consuming and produced no records of who made modifications when they were done or for what reasons. GTM required a specially designed CRM system that would keep track of their projects’ specifics and give them insights into their prices, timeframes, and profitability.


We began by understanding the client’s needs and difficulties with their current system. After that, we created a customised CRM system that recorded dates, expenses, times, and who edited the spreadsheet. We also included tools that let people see how long things took and figure out how much money they made. Finally, we created the system so the client could track project dates, prices, and profitability while getting real-time insights into their projects.


Designing the process flow was our largest obstacle when creating a unique CRM system. The client had a common procedure but varied methods of accomplishing things and multiple procedures set up at each site. Therefore, to comprehend their procedures and create a system that managed the complexity of their organisation, we worked closely with the customer.

Client Testimonial:

GTM’s CRM system, which we specifically created for them, has changed their industry. They are now more productive, have saved time and money, and have gained previously unattainable insights into their tasks. The client gave us a wonderful recommendation and expressed extreme satisfaction with our work.

Creating a customised CRM system for GTM was difficult but rewarding. We were able to assist the client in overcoming their difficulties. We delivered a solution that satisfied their needs and surpassed their expectations. Our solution increased their productivity, helped them save time and money, and gave them new project perspectives.

“We wanted to consolidate our paperwork and quality control checks along with developing consistency across each department and were looking for a local company to develop a CRM system for us. We were introduced to Interact following a recommendation and we couldn’t be more delighted with the end result.

The CRM system they designed is perfect for our needs. Its user friendly and allows us to quickly see how each project is progressing at the push of a button.

Darren and his team at Interact are both friendly and professional and from inception to full working practice, the process was seamless. Thank you!”